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Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) has been established for over 140 years. It was founded from two banks-The Standard Bank of British South Africa, founded in 1853 and The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China founded in 1863.

The two bank merged in 1969 by the incorporation of Standard & Chartered Banking Group Limited. This was renamed to Standard Chartered Bank in 1985. The headquarters of the Banks are in London.

In 2000, Standard Chartered acquired Grindlays in the countries India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Bangladesh.


Standard Chartered is the world's leading emerging markets bank. It employs 29,000 people in over 500 offices in more than 50 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, United Kingdom and the Americas.

The Bank serves both Consumer and Wholesale banking customers. The Consumer Bank provides credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, deposit taking activity and wealth management services to individuals and medium sized businesses.

The Wholesale Bank provides services to multinational, regional and domestic corporate and institutional clients in trade finance, cash management, custody, lending, foreign exchange, interest rate management and debt capital markets.

With 150 years in the emerging markets the Bank has unmatched knowledge and understanding of its customers in its markets.

Standard Chartered recognises its responsibilities to its staff and to the communities in which it operates.

A brief history of Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is the world's leading emerging markets bank headquartered in London. Its businesses however, have always been overwhelmingly international. This is summary of the main events in the history of Standard Chartered and some of the organizations with which it merged.

The early years...

Standard Chartered is named after two banks which merged in 1969. They were originally known as the Standard Bank of British South Africa and...