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Sleep and Win

A living language such as English is a dynamic flow of spoken and written terms, eternally evolving. Each time a new person is born into a language, each time a person who speaks that language dies, the language becomes something different. Whenever people use the language they cause it to flow in and around itself, creating new meanings, new ways to express, new ways to think about that very language. Non Standard English reflects that process of language becoming. This "English" is really a collection of "English's" comprised of dialects, slang, technical jargon and slogans we learn from television, movies, and magazines. However, Grammar books commonly describe one of the many dialects spoken in America, "Standard English." When people use terms such as "good" grammar; or when they describe a different dialect as "bad" English, they usually mean good or bad in "Standard English". Standard English is what will most convey our intended meaning. "It promotes common understanding and breaks down communication barriers in the social and corporate worlds," says Rachel L. Jones.

In this Sleep and Win advertisement, the purpose of the Best Western Hotel is similar to many others, mainly to encourage travelers to recognize the place and tried to seduce them to reside at their place. This piece of ad depicts of a way to win great prizes instantly while sleeping. Although it did not told how to win or how sleep have to do with anything, it mentioned a fascinating topic, great prizes and where to play. Throughout this advertisement, the usages are primarily consist of Standard English. The title consist of a short sentence with intriguing information and have big text in order for their desired customers to be interested in the offer. It is a straight...