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Standardized tests have always been a significant part of today?s education system, but recently education as been confronted with the question of whether or not standardized tests benefit students in the long run. The scores of standardized test can be affected both negatively and positively due to various factors. Many parents of students are unsure of what standardized tests exactly are and what they measure.

A commercial test publisher usually creates standardized tests; which are designed to give a common measure of student?s performance (Bargin.1). These tests are taken by a large number of students throughout the country. Each student is given the same test, and the same amount of time. This provides educators with a common yardstick or ?standard? of measure. Standardized tests are designed to be presented to students in a universal fashion so that the methods of administration do not become a variable in the performance of the student (Bagin.1).

Standardized test are a valuable tool for identifying troubled schools and failing students. If the results of these tests show that a school system is not performing as expected, more money is given to the school systems. This money goes to various programs, such as after school tutoring. Standardized tests help teachers and administrators make decisions regarding the instructional program. These tests measure how students in a given classroom, school, or school system perform compared to another student who were given the same test. The results of standardized tests show educators what areas they themselves do well in and what areas they don?t; sometime causing an individual educators to change their methods of teaching or to better focus on what should be taught in the classroom.

There are different types of standardized test and each one has its own purpose. Standardized achievement tests...