Are Standardized Tests Harming Our Educational System? An indepth look at the effects of standardized tests.

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You have just entered the classroom and the teacher tells you to put everything away and take out a number two pencil. First you receive a sheet of paper full of bubbles. Your teacher reads to you five minutes worth of scripted instructions so you know exactly how to fill out each bubble and what to do if you aren't sure of an answer. For the next two to four hours you will sit in the test room reading over questions that you hopefully know the answers to. Most of them you recognize because your teacher has already gone over the exact same curriculum. She spent three weeks teaching this to you because like she said, "This will be on your upcoming test." Hours later you hear your teacher say, "Pencils down." You then turn in the test.

Weeks later you receive the final results of the test. It tells you which answers you got right and which ones were incorrect.

It shows you the points you received for leaving many blank. It tells you exactly how many kids nationwide that you were able to score better than. It tells you how intelligent you are after just two to four hours of sitting in a room answering multiple choice questions.

It is something we all have experienced in life. Sometimes it is to pass a class, or to get into a specific college, such as the ACT or SAT. Most frequently, it is just to judge intelligence on a national level, like the criterion reference tests states use to report to the government. For whatever reason we have all taken standardized tests.

Being a High School student I have come into contact with many of these tests and I have learned a few things about them. Standardized tests are the...