Standing In the Promise of New Life

Essay by startingslowB, May 2006

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The delicate beading on the dress looks like hundreds of sparkling diamonds lining my collarbone. It gently flows down to the ground and feels as if it was always meant to be mine. On my head I have a small delicate crown and my hair falls gently over my shoulder. My eyes are filled with an uncontainable joy. This is my day, the day that had I not taken the chance would have only been a distant dream.

I had never been one to step out and do anything risky. I was scared of what may or may not happen. But in October of 1996, when I saw him dressed head to toe in black, dark hair down to his shoulders and his dark mysterious eyes. I knew, deep down, he would somehow become a part of my life. I immediately begin rejecting him. I was looking for the crew cut, gap wearing, and football playing kind of guy.

He was not any of these. I tried not to think about him but his eyes stayed fixed on me the entire night. I was looking forward to the night ending so I did not have to see him anymore.

Assumptions get you in trouble.. Somehow, almost over night, we developed the same circle of friends. Seeing him was unavoidable, so I began to get to know him. Inspite of ourdeveloping friendship, I did not ever want to date him. I was quite clear of that everytime he asked me to go on a date. After awhile, I had begun to ask the "What ifs". What if I were to go out with him? What would the harm be? But I did not want to risk getting hurt or hurting him. Having a fear of being rejected, I would have...