The Stanford Prison Study done by Philip Zimbardo,discuss how Zimbardo's findings apply to similar real-life events happening today. Be sure to find and present examples

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The Stanford Prison Study done by Philip Zimbardo in my opinion is a real life experiment that used every day occurrences to provide research for present conditions with the prisons systems. The study of people has raises many vital questions about the ethical concerns for sociological research. Even though those questions did arise at that time the research found is still relevant in today's society. All one has to do is to turn on the television and you would see all of the things that people are willing to do to become famous or infamous for something, may it be good or bad. Notable examples, CBS show Survivor. Richard Hatch at the time was running his own business as a corporate trainer and consultant. He conducted seminars on conflict management, team building etc but on the show, there was a completely different individual. There was a naked man for the most of the time, not really doing much team building but team dismantling which I feel his background in the military had to have helped him out tremendously.

I say that because, in the military, you are not only going to be tested on what you can be but you are also going to be broken down from thinking that you are the only one that matters.

While the show is based on the theme of the wilderness survival, the real basis of the show is the interpersonal relationships. The real survival skills required are the ability to make deals and form alliances. Like in prison, you must know who you should look out for and who you can truly trust. Considerable political skills are required. Shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Real World all show people taken out of their comfortable zone and just not being nice. The guard...