Stanislavki's Method

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Theatre has been a profound category that has taken many tolls in many different directions on an every day basis. Stanislavki had a very different perception of acting, it was almost like an inner being type of acting. When I say inner being I mean that he actually taught actors to become the character itself and put emotions into the scene as if they are really happening.

Stanislavski wrote many heart wrenching plays, and in every single one of them the actors leave with the audience either in tears, on the edge of their seat, or in a historic laughter that no one can account for other than the brilliant Stanislavski. If their were a scene where someone has died and the meaning of the character that is on stage is actually in a basketfull of his own tears. A meditation type of appearance takes over this individual and they feel as if someone has actually died.

How would you act if your mother died? This is a technique of acting that everyone uses now a days in everyday acting. Their is such an oppositional emotion that stratisfies every aspect of acting. It shall take years for people to conquer this technique, but some never get it down. Stanislavski is by far an impended genious. His thoughts, acts, movements, and categorized speaking was taken into considerating on anything that he had to assimilate.

Acting is usually done on a personal basis and connecting with your inner feelings and subsidizing any other feeling that goes on in the real world. It's all about playing the part right down to the knit and grits and just being spectacular inside and out. Stanislavski will always be remembered for his heroicism, and ability to work with anyone.