Stanislavsky and Breht

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As for beginning, I would like to turn to the idea that our life is a theatre and to use a theatre metaphor to explain us. As, in my view, this is quite a convenient way to show who we are and how we are used to act. And, if our world is a theatre, then we are actors, and now I will try to prove it.

The examples of dramatic actions can be found every day and in any place. Acting has so much interlaced with our daily life, that we are seldom conscious that at this very moment this is not we, its our theatre images. Here is the common example: at some place, in a street for example, you see a person who you didn't wish to meet. The first natural reaction will be, most likely, to turn away, to pretend busy, to stay unnoticed. And in the upshot it will look, as it was neatly expressed by the poet I.

Irtenyev, like: "He pretended he didn't notice me, I pretended I didn't recognize him".

I also call in mind some article from a glossy magazine, if I'm not mistaken it was called "A week of the truth". The author took a reckless attempt to speak the truth and only the truth to people around during a week. In the long run she caused a nervous shock to them, and it took plenty of time until she managed to normalize their relations. And she only tried not to pretend, to stay "herself".

One more example, which I heavily experience on myself, here, in the dormitory in Vilnius. I cannot manage to get used to the fact that people, who I interact with in my social life - on the "scene", see me here, "at backstage" and without...