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Kubrick and The Life of a Director Film production has been one of the greatest pastimes ever made. Millions of people around the world have enjoyed watching movies. They attempt to figure out what the director is trying to say when he/she made the film. My most favorite director is Stanley Kubrick who originated in New York. He has made many films, all too much to list, since this list would be well near twenty titles. His method of being a director are as unique as he is as a person. This report is about who Stanley Kubrick is and what his great achievements are that he brought through his directing of films.

Stanley Kubrick was born in the Bronx, New York in 1928 and perished in 1999. He was the director of so many great works of film that he is considered to some to be one of the best directors in his field and of his time.

Stanley began his work with pictures when he was in high school and he soon had a dream to become a director. He followed his dream through the years and after only a few years after completing school, he had found his dream. His first film ever was Day of the Fight and soon after he made his break though film which was titled Fear and Desire. With Fear and Desire came the coming for some of his greatest films ever, Paths of Glory, Spartacus, Dr. Strange Love, 2001, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and one of his last films Full Metal Jacket. Kubrick, after making approximately twenty films, accomplished his lifetime goal. Many film makers have spend their whole lifetime trying to accomplish what he had achieved. Stanley was such an accomplished man in his field of directing what he won quite a few awards for many of the above stated films. But behind all of these wonderful films was a mad man hard at work.

During the making of his films Stanley was becoming a very difficult man to work with. He became such an organized person that some of the actors would become afraid of him while making one of his films. Stanley would have an entire film mapped out to his liking before he even got the funding to begin making a film and this flaw grew on him for many many years. He had the entire set scenery, script, plot, lighting, and photography shots laid out before he began making Dr. Strange Love. Everyone that was worked on the making of the film had no say whatever. If a person had wanted to add any sort of creativity to the making of a film they were hounded by Kubrick and even many technicians left the set of his films to never work for him again. This happened when a lighting man would suggest that they move a shadow in a different direction to get a better perspective of the actor. Kubrick had become a director that turned into a mad man with absolute power.

In the end Stanley had accomplished all that he had ever wanted and dreamed of. He had make his mark in film making history, he became a director, and he had the great experience of make films for people all over the world to enjoy. He had achieved fame, fortune and all the glories that came with it. He was a director.

All information provided by A Biography by John Baxter; Stanley Kubrick by John Baxter, published 1997.