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In preparation for my experiment the first thing i did was gather all

Of my materials needed for the experiment and placed

Them by the backdoor of my house, because the experiment was going

To take place in my backyard. Secondly, i took a nap. Since

I was performing the experiment by myself, i wanted to be well

Rested for the 6 hr. Span that i would be outside. Thirdly, i ate

Something, i did not want to have to interupt the experiment by

Having to run to the refrigerator because i could miss a couple of

Shooting stars within the time it took me to get a sandwich. My

Domain was the eastern sky with the focal point being "the little

Dipper" which was clearly visible.

i started my experiment at precisely at 11:00 pm, fri. Nov. 15, tag

Heuer time, and ended the experiment at 5:00 am, sat.

Nov. 16. From 11:00

Pm to 12:00 am no "shooting stars" were observed in the sky. From the

Period of 12:00 am to 1:00 am i ovserved 1 "shooting star" at

12:48 am. Note: ( the position of the "shooting stars" and their paths

Are reflected on the star map that i complied). The 1st 2 hours into

The experiment were very discouraging due to the lack of activity.

From 1:00 am to 2:00 am activity started to pick up with the sighting of

3 "shooting stars" at 1:04 am, 1:12 am, & at 1:52 am. Between the hr. Of

2:00 am & 3:00 am, i saw 3 "shooting stars", 1 at 2:02 am, 1 at 2:36 am, &

Another at 2:53 am with somewhat of a longer visible path than

Others. By 3:00 am i noticed that the "shooting stars" had no apparent

Origin, or specific path pattern. During...