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Starbucks is a corporation engaged in the selling of different types of coffee and beverages. In addition, the company also sells food items, coffee accessories, teas, and compact discs. Other than direct selling through company-owned stores and franchisees, it is also involved in selling specialized beverages such as Frappuccino and Starbucks Double Shot, and maintains a line of premium ice creams. It has its eyes on an ambitious goal to be a worldwide household name in their line of business. The company intends to do this by opening more retail stores to reach out to worldwide customers and make them undergo the Starbucks Experience. As of 2006, there are already 12,440 stores in operation worldwide, an increase of 2,199 stores from the previous year. Starbucks inclusion then in the Fortune 500 list is just one of the rewards the company earned for their quality products and services, and sound management practices.

A. By the end of fiscal year ending October 01, 2006, Starbucks has assets totaling $4,428,941,000.00. This is composed of total current assets amounting to $1.529 billion, long-term and equity investments totaling $224.904 million, net property, plant & equipment amounting to $2.287 billion, other assets of $186.917 million, other intangible assets $37.955 million, and goodwill of $161.478 million.

B. Starbucks' total assets at the end of October 02, 2005 amount to $3,513,693,000.00. This is composed of $1.209 billion of current assets, $261.564 million of investments, $1.842 billion of property, plant and equipment, $72.893 million of other assets, $35.409 million of other intangible assets, and $92.474 million of goodwill.

C. Cash and cash equivalent as of the end of October 01, 2006 is $312,606,000.00. Considered cash are actual cash on hand and in banks that are unrestricted and thus readily available to meet...