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Starbuck's Coffee Analysis Paper

Jona Boney, Laurie Spivey, Suzi Hunt,

Sky Borromeo, Jarrod Trantham, Billi Jo Doyle

University of Phoenix


Professor Inlong

April 30, 2008

Starbuck's Coffee Analysis Paper

Starbucks Corporation is a transnational coffee and coffeehouse chain company based in the United States (Thompson, Strickland, 1999). Starbucks is the larges coffeehouse company in the world. There are over 15,011 stores in 44 countries (Thompson, Strickland, 1999). Starbucks sells drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, and other hot and cold drinks, snacks and items such as mugs and coffee beans (Thompson, Strickland, 2009). The company also markets music, books, and films. Starbucks was founded in Seattle Washington. There were three investors, the first was Jerry Baldwin who was an English teacher, Zev Siegel was the second and he was a History teacher, and writer Gordon Bowker was the third (Thompson, Strickland, 1999).

During there first year open purchased green coffee beans from Peet's, as they started to grow the bought from farmers.

It was founded as a local coffee bean roaster and retailer, and has grown rapidly through the years. Starbucks opens approximately seven stores a day worldwide (Thompson, Strickland, 1999). The first location outside was established in 1996 (Thompson, Strickland, 1999). Through all of the growth of Starbucks they needed to grow in technology to expand their business. Therefore as times changed and their business grew dramatically the demand for new technology grew. This learning team will discuss the current technology, value chain, social contract, global issues, and how they managed change. This learning team will show how important technology was to the growth of the business.

Through technology and by contributing back Starbucks is meeting their social contract. Producing quality coffee means more than just selecting...