Starbucks and International Strategy

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In this module I will examine Starbucks and its international strategy. Starbucks, is the number one specialty coffee retailer in the U.S. operating nearly 5,900 company-operated shops/kiosk in a variety of locations (office buildings, shopping centers, airport terminals, and supermarkets) throughout the U.S. and 25 countries. The world known "brand name" corporation sells coffee drinks and beans, pastries, and other food items and beverages, as well as mugs, coffeemakers, coffee grinders, and storage containers. The company also sells its beans to restaurants, businesses, airlines, and hotels, and it offers mail order and online catalogs for customers. Starbucks has expanded into coffee ice cream and makes bottled coffee drinks. (Beverage Marketing 5)The "Starbucks Experience" is about passion for a quality product, excellent customer service, and people. With nearly 900 coffeehouses in 22 markets outside of North America, it is clear that Starbucks transcends language and culture. Since the company's international journey began in 1996 with the first coffeehouse in Tokyo, Starbucks has obtained global acceptance and visibility of their "brand name" in numerous international markets.

According to Starbucks Corporation, their global success would not be possible without international partners, who share in their values and commitment to extending the "Starbucks Experience" to customers worldwide. "We remain highly respectful of the culture and traditions of the countries in which we do business," says Howard Schultz, chairman and chief global strategist. "We recognize that our success is not an entitlement, and we must continue to earn the trust and respect of customers every day." (1) Key criteria is utilized for choosing partnerships, which all operations must follow as it is critical to their operational success; Shared Values and Corporate Culture, Strong Multi-Unit Retail/Restaurant Experience, Dedicated Human Resources, Commitment to Customer Service, Quality Image, Creative Ability, Local Knowledge and Brand-building Skills, and Strong...