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Starbucks Coffee Coffee is not the main drink in my culture. In Taiwan, people used to drink tea. However, young generations like to pursue the Western culture. When Starbucks was launched in Taipei, I saw a lot of people go to Starbucks everyday. During the weekend Starbucks was very crowded with customers. Starbucks did many marketing researches in Taipei and the research information helped Starbucks to become a successful coffee chain in my country. I went to Starbucks with my friends where I had coffee and cakes. We stayed there for two or three hours eating, drinking and talking. This is the way we drinking coffee in Taipei. Starbucks went into the international market such as the one launched in Taipei. This is a marketing geographic expansion strategy.

I was very happy when I came to America and saw Starbucks. I knew Starbucks came from America and I also knew that would be more Starbucks than in my country.

I am going to tell you my feelings about going to Starbucks. When I walked in Starbucks, I had a familiar feeling about everything. Starbucks here is just like Starbucks in my hometown. When people are far way from home, it is good to some things that we have at home. I have been to the Starbucks in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. When I see Starbucks, I buy a cup of coffee because I am familiar with Starbucks and I enjoy their immediate services. Their decor, ambience, and atmosphere in every Starbucks are very similar. This can release some of my homesickness. This is a good strategy for Starbucks.

I like Starbucks. I go to Starbucks almost twice a week. Actually, I go to Starbucks because of its ambience. Starbucks does very a...