Starbucks Corporation: Competing in a Global market

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Problem:The problem is anti-globalization which makes more difficult for Starbucks to enter in new markets.

Symptoms:1. Protests from anti-globalization activists.

2. If those activists have enough media power it leads to international scandals sometimes even involvement of celebrities (who also might be activists of anti-globalization). And finally the worst situation for Starbucks:3. They receive push-backs in new markets.

That is why Starbucks needs to establish some systematic method or decision process which would work equally around the world by helping to say: "To open new shop in certain place or not!?"Alternatives:I. To try to solve problems with anti-globalization activists.

+/- If Starbucks could solve this worldwide conflict they would go in the history, but by my mind it is impossible to speak with those people by continuing to go globally. It is in what they believe and they will not change their mind.

II. To work with the media of regions they want to go in.

Everybody knows that big power is in hands of people who have "good relationships" with the biggest media. Starbucks has to use it:•Maybe they has to involve in requirements for their next foreign partners that they need to be in good relations with mass media (like biggest newspapers and TV channels):+ They could overpower anti-globalization activists.

+ They could make better PR of themselves.

- Then it could start some media wars, because they can not be sure that some of media companies also are not anti-globalists.

- It could be quite a hard for Starbucks to find such a partner with the required contacts.

III. To promote loudly and more active that they have very friendly Environmental Mission Statement. Spend money that this message would go globally.

+ Nowadays, when there is so much pollution and foodstuffs becomes modified Starbucks should make...