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Starbucks; the Italian coffee experience


In the first phase of writing this bachelor thesis, I choose to focus on the reason why I feel a passion for marketing. What excites me most in marketing is how something very insignificant can be translated in to a strong need to consumers. Trough marketing the simple products and services people use daily are converted into specific brands and models. Without marketing a car would have just been a vehicle, simple means of transportation, rather than a Porsche or Lexus with which a consumer can identify its personality.

It is amazing to look at the Italian economy and realize that 8.5% of National GDP is contributed by the automotive industry, from which 90% of manufacturing is done trough the Fiat Group. The importance of marketing is of great deal for the world economy. You do not just want to drive a car, you want the new Fiat Punto.

You do not just need a pair of shoes, you need a pair of Ugg's. You do not even long for a cup of coffee anymore these days, these days you long for a Frappuccino.

Starbucks Coffee Company has been one of my favorite entities since years because of the ideology, with which it has been created, and the wonderful marketing strategies, with which it has grown to be a worldwide known Coffeehouse.

I took a 2 hour trip by train to visit Starbucks at Schiphol airport for my first cup of coffee brewed by this enterprise. However, outside of the Netherlands I have been able to walk up to a Starbucks coffeehouse every now and then in whatever country I have been in. What did amaze me though was the fact that the Starbucks Coffee Company concept finds it roots in the Italian coffee...