Starbucks Organizational Behavior

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Starbucks Organizational BehaviorJanuary 17,Western International UniversityMGT 340Starbucks Organizational BehaviorThe understanding of organizational behavior within any corporation and particularly the factors influencing the organizational behavior has become the "key" to success for most managers in today's organization around the world. There are several different approaches to organizational behavior. A manager's chief duty to find the best approach that will benefit the organization and its employees equally. Companies must develop a system, which works best for them and will help with more effective planning, and technological support, which will change over in time as their environments and the individuals within those environments change. Organizational behavior concerns everyone from the top man or woman in management positions to the bottom man or woman in janitorial services, everyone must to be involved and know the best actions and attitudes for the organization to take off and excel in the future. A few of the challenges and opportunities for organizational behavior include motivation, organizational culture, and communication.

Organizational effectiveness is the concept of how effective an organization is at accomplishing the results the organization intends to develop. Organizational effectiveness means doing the tasks one knows how to do and to do it extremely well. Larger organizations with high performing employees seem to achieve higher-ranking outcomes by clarifying the strategy they intend on using, contouring their structures to fit employee and customer needs, and allowing each individual to be a contributing asset to the company. At Starbucks, employees understand the business culture, they are fully committed to achieving the best results possible, and they are organized into high performing units. Employees form teams that are responsible for making decisions, solving problems, and continuously bettering the quality of their work and environment at Starbucks Corporation and retail stores.

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