"Where the Stars and Strips and the Eagle Fly"

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This is a great poem by Aaron Tippin. The author expresses a lot of feelings about the United States. He is proud to be an American.

In the first stanza he is stating that he is born in the best place ever the U.S.A. He refers to it as "God's dear grace in an extraordinary place." In the second stanza he talks about the many opportunities in the country referring to it as countless dreams. He also goes on to say that nothing is out of reach as long as you work hard at it. He also says that we in the U.S. have it good compared to other nations. In the third stanza he brings up the statue of liberty calling it "the lady in the harbor." He also talks about the liberty bell and the freedom and hope it represents. The fourth stanza talks more about his pride for the nation that he loves.

The final stanza states that "it is not the only place in the world but is the only place he will raise his kids." Basically saying that America is the only place he would raise his kids. My summary is that America is the best place in the world.