How I started fishing.

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I guess it all started with my grandfather. G-Daddy, my dad, my Uncle Dael, and I would always go bream fishing in the river. A bream is a certain type of fish that many freshwater anglers target. They have a very flat but deep body. There are many different types of bream; there is bluegill, stumpknockers, red bellies, and lots others. We would go in the Ono, the Shepthy, and the Manatee River. I can remember floating down the dead calm creeks early in the morning. I could always see gators on the bank and many times, we saw wild hogs. One of my favorite sights though, was to see my bobber floating peacefully under a hanging branch, and then, all of a sudden, it would be sucked down beneath the water. I would then set the hook, and reel in my catch. Around this time, I think I was three or four.

This was the beginning of my love for fishing.

Behind my old house in Marshal, which is only about 2 miles up the road from where I live now, was a sinkhole. In this sinkhole, were tons of bream. Once I found out that there were fish in it, I had to go fishing in it all the time. I had to fish now because my grandfather had gotten me addicted to it. You can look through our old photo albums at my house and find all kinds of pictures of me fishing in that sinkhole. I have many great memories from that thing.