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Ganderson is a very reputable Australian owned organisation with a reputation of being an environmentally friendly corporation. They believe very strongly in cleaning up society to provide a cleaner world and a healthier future for the community.

Due to the enormous amounts of effort the Chinese government has put forward in removing gum from its cities, as noted in an article from a recent newspaper article (South China Morning Post 2003, p14). It has been estimated that around two billion pieces of gum are chewed and spat out every year in China, creating an enormous opportunity for the Ganderson business to invest in, as it is renowned for its chewing gum removal products within the Australian market. The new business venture consists of providing a revolutionary new chemically based and environmentally friendly cleaning agent which specializes in the removal of chewing gum. In addition to the product, a complimentary service has been offered by the company.

The corporation will allow the manufacturing of chemicals for other firms via contractual agreements. This combination of product and service offering enables the company to have the distinct competitive advantage, as the Chinese market is in dire need of this form of magical removing agent.