The State of American Workers.

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The heart of America has always been, at least in my opinion, the attitudes of the people and the speed of industry. Great men like Carnegie and Rockefeller have changed the face of America and the industries within. This country has always been strong in industry. American workers helped build the tallest buildings, the most powerful ships and shape an economy that Donald Trump would appreciate. As the country became more populated the growth of industry boomed. Years later we are still a strong country, but the heart of Americans and their attitude towards work has changed drastically. With the rise of unemployment in America, it seems apparent that the occupation most desired is unemployment. Our economy is struggling to stay afloat and yet, there are thousands of jobs lost every day. How will the country survive another depression? The proceeding paper will talk about the status of American workers, unemployment and shared comments of what should be done to make our economy strong again.

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My grandfather has always said, "Nothing in life is free boy, you've gotta work hard for what you want and you've gotta work hard to keep it." I believe that is a true statement in many ways. In my grandfathers' day, most people were poor. The average worker in the 1920's was a farmer or factory laborer of some kind. Poverty was a part of many American lives. Many young men and women turned to crime in order to support themselves as well as their families. The status of American workers has come along way since the depression. Some of that distance we have traveled has not been positive. We've had major scandals from well-respected investors like Enron (Isn't it ironic how the letter "E" was crooked?) as well as insurance scams.