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The Oregon courts system is divided up of seven different court levels. The top court is the supreme court that consists of seven justices. The courts that is the next step down is the Courts of Appeals that consists of 10 judges. The next level down begins to differ from quite a few states. In this level there are two divisions. There is a tax court that consists of 1 judge and 6 magistrates. The next division is the circuit court that contains 27 districts in 36 counties and is home to 166 judges. The circuit courts deal with cases such as: some small claims ($5,000 limit), adoptions, misdemeanors, exclusive felonies, traffic/ other violations, juveniles, and many more.

The California court systems are divided into State and Federal. With the state court system, it is broken down into Trail Courts and Appellate Courts. There are 58 trial courts, also known as Superior Courts, within the State of California.

Superior Courts hear all criminal/civil cases, appeals of small claims and misdemeanor cases.

There are two types of Appellate courts, the Supreme court and Courts of Appeals. The highest court is California is the State Supreme Court. There are Justices that hold positions. At least 4 of the 7 Justices must agree to a final decision. The State Supreme Court is the first to hear any death penalty trials and disciplinary cases involving judges and lawyers. The Courts of Appeal are California's intermediate courts for review. There are six districts located throughout California. People who are not satisfied with the trial court's decision, the cases are reviewed at the Appeals court level.

The court system in Nevada consists of the Supreme Court, District Court, Municipal Court, and Justices' Court. The highest court is the Supreme Court of Nevada...