The state of the Global Music industry from a Sociological Perspective.

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New Media technologies such as the internet have greatly influenced the content and functioning of music and other entertainment industries in recent times. Technologies such as the MPEG-3 (mp3) codec, new digital walkmans such as the very popular iPod and peer-to-peer software programs like Kazaa Media Desktop have revolutionised the way in which we hear, transport, obtain music and ultimately how or "if" we purchase music. It seems however, that bureaucratic institutions such as the court of law and record industry associations have not been able to foresee this impact. "Analysts have tipped the downfall of a business that is already exhibiting the signs of decline: falling sales, price cuts, the laying off of thousands of workers, mergers and litigation." (2003, Needham)

Throughout history it has been depicted that media industries recurrently deal with changing technology. There have been many different media forms since the advent of the 20th century that has lowered the cost of distributing media products.

Whilst not really adversely affecting the market, the dissemination of media products in new advanced formats considerably encourages further media consumption and production. Media that develops new formats bring about a new revolution in cultural form. "When I made these suggestions to Timothy, a habitual sceptic about the music industry, he wasn't convinced: He didn't think that the people he talked to every day were up for a revolution. It could happen, I argued." (2003, Fox)

Such rapid growth of these new technologies, in particular the digitalisation of the audiovisual media and Internet, offers prospects for fabrication, circulation, access and involvement of the media products which should have been urgently exploited. New circumstances however produced by globalisation in the media industry represent a threat for social and cultural diversity thereby reinforcing existing hegemonic political and economic structures, if this is the...