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Dear delegate Eckardt- As you know that HB 102 is trying to abolish the death penalty in Maryland. I am writing to inform my disagreement with this law bill.

I have many reasons for this. First off you are trying to let criminals off death row. Not only is that a bad idea but also is very dangerous. The problem that I see with this is that these people were going to be killed because they committed a crime. If anyone kills or does anything to heart someone they should be punished for it. If you do pass this law these people should get a life sentence without parole. That would keep the criminals in jail and off the streets, keeping the streets cleaner and safe. The life sentence without parole would be the best idea because it would make sure that these kinds of people are not getting out of jail and killing or doing something worse that before.

Please let me know your position on this after reading my suggestions and idea. In Maryland there should still be the death penalty because these people were put in jail for doing something they were not supposed to. So help clean up Maryland and continue the death penalty.