State of mind and positive attitutes correlate with better physical health

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A Positive Outlook

State of mind issues has a deep impact on your overall, physical well-being. Millions of dollars are spent with the hope of a full recovery, when we can use the power within, which is priceless. To promote health and recovery, we must have a positive outlook on life. Reducing stress levels will promote health and happiness in your life. If you can get in touch with your emotions, you can also get in touch with your health.

The world of recovery is a multi-million dollar industry. Every year people spent lots of money, searching for a remedy for many ailments, when sometimes the cure lies within. Dr. Benson MD states, "In recent years mind-body medicine has been shown to improve outcomes for a vast variety of difficult-to-treat chronic conditions." (Domar, 1996). Effective treatments for stress related illnesses would save our health care system billions of dollars; however, we must be able to shift our minds to a positive mode.

It is often a difficult task to keep a smiling face when you or a loved one is battling a life threatening illness. There have been moments when families were told to prepare for a funeral, than almost miraculously, the individual is healed. Karyn Thompson is now in her fifth year of remission after battling cancer; he was in the deadly forth stage of the disease. He reveals, "If it wasn't for the support of my family and friends and telling myself that there are people much worse off than myself, I would not be here today." (Thompson, 2002). A positive outlook is the recipe for health and recovery, and a lot of people are starting to discover this remedy by simply reducing their stress levels.

To lead a happy, healthy life, you must...