State a moral problem in your Organization. From a theoretical perspective discuss and suggest a solution.

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South East of Bulawayo, about six kilometers from the City Hall is Valejo clinic. This clinic has become the last home for many people who suffered from acute chronic diseases. The clinic has advanced equipment for life support. The equipment is more advanced than that of most central hospitals in the country.

Two well-known doctors who practiced euthanasia and research on patents used to come for visitation in this clinic. For fear of litigation, I would call the two doctors Dr SX and Dr MX. Dr SX once worked in Mpilo Hospital and left when some of his colleagues were not happy with his unethical behaviours on patients. Even when he was working in Matabeleland South at Mnene hospital, he used to do consultations at the Valejo clinic. The mysterious deaths that occurred at Mnene hospital were not different from those that occurred at the clinic during his consultations.

Dr MX on the other hand worked in the Avenues clinic and some mysterious deaths occurred during his consultations at both Avenues and Valejo clinics.

This paper attempts to discuss the moral problems arising from practicing of euthanasia and conducting of experiments on patients in this clinic.


The practicing of euthanasia and experimenting with patients is an ethical problem in Valejo clinic.

Euthanasia is an act of bringing about the death of a hopelessly ill and suffering person in a relatively quick and painless way for reasons of mercy. It is an effort to make possible a gentle and easy death for those affected with an incurable disease.


Passive euthanasia is the withdrawal of ordinary life-supporting techniques, such as intravenous feeding and resuscitation or not carrying such treatment when the situation is hopeless.

Active euthanasia is the administration of increasing...