"State of the Nation Address: Blueprint for Progress"

Essay by zyrem March 2009

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The Philippines is a third world country, unfortunately, it seems to be that its progress is far way beyond but President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared that her greatest ambition for the country is to be one of the World's First by the next 20 years. It is evident that the country is facing a lot of problems concerning the politics, economics, safety, insurgency threats and all others but she presented a rejoinder for these burdens yesterday, July 23, 2007 on her 7th SONA (State of the Nation Address). All in all she will focus working on the physical, intellectual, legal, and security infrastructure investments; social safety nets investments and solving the insurgency problems in the South. Hunger is one manifestation of poverty and so to address it is to give attention on agri-business development. The success for this would be land reforms, irrigation for farms, mariculture to be situated within the sea boundaries, the problem of transportation which answered through farm-market roads and the RORO (roll on-roll off) ports, the completed bridge in Butuan and the airports.

All this plan would be protected by the Human Security Act which condemns terrorism and destabilization plot. She mentioned that from last year up to the present, her aggressive campaign to eliminate hunger had worked so well. In fact , according to a survey (which she never elaborated the origin) says that the hunger rate had gone down tremendously. I'm just curios if the survey does holds really true because as to what I've observed, the present situation is quite contrary to what she was claiming. She just presented an insubstantial evidence of what she referred as "improving". This is disappointing!The Philippines is one great beautiful country, so she never forgot to enhance one of the income-generating sector of it, the tourism...