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The children are arriving slowly to the classroom; before class, they gather on the blue carpet and look at books. There are two teachers on the carpet with the children explaining pictures and words to them when asked to. Once all the children have arrived, Liz announces that it is time for lunch. The children put the books in a basket on the edge of the blue carpet and line up on a color block on the floor near the classroom sink.

While the children are washing their hands, I take a look around the room and and I notice all the colors on the walls. Each wall has some sort of child activity creation on it. Throughout the room there are cubby holes where there is a spot for each toy. One section is for science toys, another cubby section is for house toys, one for blocks, dolls, trucks, and there is even a section for Lego's.

There are three round tables in the room, surrounding each table is a different set of color chairs; a yellow set, blue set and red. Also, the signs throughout the room which label the bookcase, castle, kitchen, window, blocks etc are in both English and Spanish.

In the hand washing line, the kids seem to cling to Liz with excitement each child has something they want to tell her. While they wait, Liz talks to them in Spanish, as the hands are washed and dried, the children find their way to one of the three tables and sit down. Once every child has a seat, they sing a song before lunch, first in English, then in Spanish; it is called the hand song, and it teaches the children to keep their hands out of their mouths. Lunch is now served each of...