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On October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state of the Union with Carson City as its capital. Nevada today is famously known for its huge hotels with casinos and tourism. Nevada couldn't get into the Union any sooner because the population wasn't enough, but President Lincoln knew that the war funds were running low. So Lincoln made Nevada a state so that he can have money for the war effort with the copper and gold that Nevada had. Nevada is a Spanish name meaning snow covered. The first governor of Nevada was Henry Goode Blasdel from 1864-1871. During this time Nevada was still a huge mining ground for silver, copper, and gold. In 1867 the first Virginia Miners Union was formed. July 26 the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad started and on December 13 a locomotive went through on its way into Nevada. On March 2, 1968, The Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company established.

In July the same year the first hot air balloon ride lifted off from Carson City, carrying Tony Ward. The Central Pacific railroad which is now the Union Pacific, auctioned off 400 lots in a neatly laid out town site, now downtown Reno, on 80 acres deeded over by Lake in exchange for the V&T Railroad choosing the location. The Central Pacific built a depot and created a new town site which is now Reno. At the behest of General Irvin McDowell, Charles Crocker, the railroad construction superintendent, named the town for Jesse Lee Reno, an American army officer who had served in the Mexican War and was later killed in Civil War action at South Mountain, Maryland, Sept. 14th, 1862.

On March 3, 1869 Legislature passed an act for the construction of a suitable building for the care and maintenance of orphans of...