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Statistics can be used in a professional setting can be a key communicator in how employees and patients are doing or feeling. Working with many types of statistics companies can help a faculty in working out numbers for were they are in the healthcare field. Today, the healthcare field is a very demanding and competitive environment.

While doing looking at research regarding strategies used in making our facility one of the tops in then nation. I found my current position working in the catherization lab leads our hospital. In accomplishing our goals, the advantage because of the data we are currently collecting. Collecting information for the last four years in the cardiac catheterization rates and angioplasties preformed.

Being part of a five year plan for American College of Cardiology (ACC), collect data from our catherization and place them into a registered American College of Cardiology site. The NCDR began in 1998; CathPCI registry includes data collection reporting of diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization.

Over two million patients' records and reports are placed into the data from seven hundred institutions. The information is placed daily into their data system (NCDR) the National Cardiovascular Data Registry and analyzed on a quarterly basis. At this point, the information is released to participating hospitals receiving the reports from a national standpoint and can compare themselves with other facilities in the nation.

The mission of the NCDR is to be the leading provider of services that improve the quality cardiovascular care through the collection, analysis, and reporting data and providing educational and research activity. Data collection is reported for diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization and percutaneous intervention (PCI) procedures. The CathPCI Registry consists of data over six million patients' records and more than 700 institutions, including hospitals and free-standing labs. The facility compares...