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Running head: Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

Jerry Brown

University of Phoenix

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

This paper will be reviewing the article "The Relationship Between Firm Size, Competitive Advantages and Export Performance Revisited." Authored by Oystein Moen. This article takes on the theories that the size of a company will determine the behavior and performance of its international market. The prevailing thought has been that large companies are more capable in competing in the international market than small companies. With supporting theories of more resources-like financial resources, personnel and technology, this theory has often been presumed correct. This article has three main hypothesizes. The first one is that there is no direct link between firm size and export performance. The second Hypothesis is that there is a difference in the competitive advantages between companies of different size.

Finally the third hypothesis states that there are differences in the export motives between companies of different sizes.

The research showed that there were not any major differences between companies due to size or growth in relation to export power. Quite the opposite was shown to be true in fact. Small firms had the highest export share and growth with regard to the international market. The one point of note was that the largest firms had better performance based on their own personal calculation of success

Overall, five out of six possible relationships between company size and export performance proved to have no relative significance. Again the only significant link was a subjective evaluation of performance, implying better performance by the largest firms. None of the other measures (export intensity, export growth) were related to company size. All was conclusive that the first hypothesis was proven correct.

The second hypothesis...