Stats changed from before 1960 until present.

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The way people look at things or see them usually change as the times change, some more than others and some not at all. I feel that peoples attitudes have changed in the through the years between 1939 until 2003. I feel that people look differently at smoking, religion, and newspapers today then if we were still back before 1965. This paper will explore and show one how through the years they way people saw and/or felt about smoking, going to a place of worship, and reading a newspaper have changed as well the results from the surveys will.

In 1947 the Gallup Poll asked if you smoked, and according to the poll 66% of the people do smoke and 34% do not smoke. I can see that over the fifty-five years leading up to today; the percentages will have changed, leaving the percentage for those who smoke today equal to or less than the percentage of those who do not smoke in 1947.

While the percentage of those who do not smoke will be greater than those who did smoke in 1947, That is because the truth about the harmful effects smoking has on both those who smoke and those around them became more widely known. Also, people now have a better chance at quitting with the developments of all the new products that help tremendously in make it so much easier to do so. The same question was in the 1998 Active Center Holds Survey and it showed that 23% of the people smoke, 71% does not, and 6% do not know. What I expected was going to happen to the percentages of those who do and those who do not smoke, did happen and even with the number of those who do not smoke rising greater then...