Staying Alive During a Michigan Winter

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There are many different things that some of us just cannot endure. One thing that I know I hate is living in Michigan during winter time. Michigan really isn’t that great for the rest of the year either. Pretty much I’ve concluded that we have two seasons, construction and snow. When it’s not snowing, there are cones all over the place, streets blocked off and those stupid workers that every now and again you just want to run over. Then there is that wonderful season that loves to attack us every year with full force, of course it can’t be lenient. The time of year with freezing rain and sub zero temperatures, not to mention the piles and piles of snow. This is why I’ve built up a strategy on surviving this horrible and undesirable plague.

The first thing you are going to want to do is bundle up.

There is no way you are going to get through this dreadful period of time if you cannot keep somewhat warm. You are going to go out and buy yourself a big, poufy, double layered coat. You are also going to invest in some gloves; a scarf; a hat, and of course you can’t forget those snow boots, unless you want your feet to fall off. Next you’re going to want to buy some sweat shirts and probably some long johns too. Always make sure you are well dressed before going out in that crap, frost bite is a big issue so never spend too much time outside without all of your winter accessories.

The next step is to stock up your house and vehicle. You’re going to want to purchase a lot of warm blankets. If you want to be really safe, put a blanket or two in your care in case your car breaks down somewhere, we wouldn’t want you freezing to death now would we? You’ll also need an ice scraper for those days when turning on your windshield wipers just isn’t enough. If you have the money, you might also want to invest in some heated seats, they work wonders. While you’re out purchasing your blankets, you might as well stop and pick up some hot chocolate or hot tea and soup, this will help on those freezing cold days when you’re trapped inside and need something extra to keep you warm. I’d also install a fire place just to be safe. During the summer time you might also want to start dating, during those cold nights you’re going to want someone to snuggle with.

The third step is to always check the weather. Never plan something without consulting the weather channel first. If you check the weather every day you’ll know when an ice storm is about to hit or when we’re going to get eight inches of snow. Doing this will help if you plan on taking a weekend trip up to Mt. Pleasant or something because you’re not going to want to go if Saturday night there’s going to be a blizzard shedding 12 inches of snow, who wants to drive in that? It also helps to know the temperature for those days you feel like being a daredevil and take the kids sledding. You are not going to want to do this if it is two degrees outside.

The next step you are most likely going to need to purchase a snow blower or a shovel for. Yes you are going to have to get out in that nasty coldness and dig out your driveway. It’s not the greatest job in the world but it helps when there’s two feet of snow on the ground and you need to go somewhere. You are also going to need some salt, unless you like falling on your ass trying to get from your car to the house and vice versa. If you have no idea how to operate a snow blower you better learn fast, otherwise you are going to be one pissed off Popsicle when you’re shoveling that driveway. For this job you are definitely going to want to use the first step and bundle up! You’re probably going to want the long johns, a sweatshirt, a couple pairs of socks, your boots, two pairs of gloves, the scarf, and don’t forget your coat! The great thing about having to do this is that it’s a great work out, and sometimes you are going to warm yourself up with all the movement.

The final step is to blow it out. You need to find something that reduces stress during the winter months. The coldness and lack of sunlight can cause winter depression. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, get out of the house! I know you really don’t want to, its freezing and all you want to do is stay inside with your new fire place but guess what, you have to! Take the kids sledding or go for a walk; this is for your own good. Don’t become anti social, call a friend and hang out. Keep your mind occupied, read a book or play a game. Just stay positive and you’ll be sure to get through the winter. When all else fails, just think to yourself spring is right around the corner.

These simple steps will surely get you through those few dreadful months. It may seem difficult now and you may be thinking that I’m kind of crazy, but it can be quite rewarding. I’ve lived in Michigan for 15 years and I’m still not used to the cold, but I use these steps and somehow make it through. To live in Michigan you must be a trooper to stand all this cold and construction. Some can deal with it and others can’t, it may just be mind over matter type stuff. If you believe you can deal with it then yea you’ll survive. If you are a pessimist, well there is always Florida I guess.