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SWOT analysis

Principles and beliefs

Highly diversified restaurant business

Superior quality customer service

Well established brand image

High quality food and beverages serving

Managing partner should have 10 % share which strengthens company's quality standards

US standard quality fresh food and cooking method

Very well defined market segmentation

Continuous innovations

Long term negotiation with suppliers for quality and constant supply

Lowest labor turn over rate

Employee reward programs

Efficient training program

Internal promotions for employee motivations

Managers skill improvement program

Food seminar every month for quality control

STAR program for motivation

Outbackers trust for employee support

Community support by sponsoring events and programs


Out focused middle scale people which consisted of very high percentage of all over the world

Lack of superior advertising and marketing techniques

Technological involvement has been ignored like internet use for serving

Menu has limited choices with not much localized menu

Less revenue generation during 2002 and same period expenses were high.

Total current liability has increased significantly during 2002


Industry expects to reach 1 trillion sales revenue by 2003.

- Supporting industries like agriculture, transportation, food manufacturing are growing rapidly

- Annual growth rate of 7.2%

- Highest employee bas non government industry

- Household spent and per capita spending is increasing every year for restaurant

- More importance of restaurant for celebrations of different Days

- Technological advances can reduces the costs

- Joint alliance with fast food industry and wine industry


- Very tight margin based industry

- Very tightly controlled by different government laws for health and safety

- Raw materials prices are increasing which can reduces profit margin

- Many local restaurants and many companies exist in the industry for cut throat competition

Economic characteristics

- Industry growth: 7.2 % growth rate of industry

- Demand: Per capita...