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Weekly Writing Log

I could hear my grandma yelling for me from downstairs, but I was too busy in my thoughts to pay any attention to it. The mayor of Scottsfort, England, where we lived, was an old friend of my grandmothers and could get her and I tickets to the new world. We would travel by sea and we were told to pack light. I had two weeks until we would leave and I did not know how I could possibly pack my whole life into one suitcase. The thought of just leaving our calm farmhouse that I had lived in my entire life did not sound very appealing, however traveling to the new world, America, did.

I tried to put off the action of packing my suitcase and went out to the garden to get it off of my mind. I raked the dirt then pulled out a huge carrot out of the ground for a nice afternoon snack.

I was thinking about the garden I would make when we got to the new world. I knew tomatoes would be popular so I packed some seeds in my suitcase. I talked to my friends about my grandma's decision to go to America, they said they would miss me but try as hard as they could to head over their too. I soon realized that I wouldn't be leaving everything behind because my friends were coming too.

The days seemed to go by very slow ever since the news was broken to me that we were going. I was still not sure weather to be excited or not for the big move. I started getting bad thoughts about our journey there and weather our boat would even make it. Grandma began to grow very quiet as we...