Steel Monopoly Analysis & Internship Report for International Industries Limited, Pakistan

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Dedicated to staff at IIL, the regional Sales Manager North, Mr. Tariq Hafeez, my parents & friendsAcknowledgementThe author of this report on International Industries Ltd, would like to thank the academic community members for their humble support, genuine guidance, and good sense of humor as a helping hand for me. It was a pleasure & fun to work for my official internship & creating the report for IIL. The support, guidance, love towards work was felt as if I was a full time employee of the company. Company's employees had a very positive attitude & behavior toward me which really helped me in learning the corporate sides of life.

Yasir SaeedContentsExecutive SummaryIndustry AnalysisReview of Financial Statement AnalysisAnalysisIncome StatementBalance SheetCash Flow StatementCompounded Growth RatesTrend Analysis of Selected AccountsCompany's per share ResultsShort Term liquidity AnalysisAnalysis of cash flow ratiosCapital Structure AnalysisAnalysis of Capital Structure & Solvency RatiosReturn on Invested Capital RatiosAsset Utilization RatiosProfitability RatiosMarket Earnings RatiosInternship Analysis & SummaryFuture OutlookConclusionExecutive SummaryThis report consists of complete financial statements analysis of International Industries Limited (IIL).

It is a top 25 listed KSE companies. Founded in 1948, the company has since then been able to maintain itself as the market leader in all types of steel pipes, galvanized pipes, & PVC pipes, etc. This is only one kind of a company in Pakistan catering to vast customer needs.

Apart from the financial analysis of the company, this is a complete internship report for IIL, with internship from 25th July to 1st September, 2009.

Industry AnalysisOf the steel pipe manufacturing industry in Pakistan, International Industries Limited is only one of its kinds that deliver entire range of pipes catering to domestic needs & over 30 countries worldwide.

There are other competitors in the industry as well such as Sheikh Pipe Mills, Karachi Pipe Mills, Pakistan Pipe...