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Executive Summary Steinway & Sons having the legendary reputation with high-quality grand piano eagerly used by knowledgeable musicians introduced the cross-string technique in a piano with a cast-iron frame. Those skills widely adapted by other following piano companies, such as, Yamaha, Kawai, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Samic, and Young Chang, in order to produce the excellent grand pianos made the company the world famous. Unfortunately, they couldn?t as Steinway did. Under its mission creating the best piano possible and selling it at the lowest price consistent with quality, following generations could be in success. The company?s founder, Henry Engelhard Steinway, was mainly focused on developing innovating techniques. Those techniques were following; firstly, the wood-drying operation ensured the best sound-producing qualities of the wood by drying wood naturally slow. Secondly, part-making operations required the mechanical linkage making Steinway their distinctive feel. Lastly, piano-making operations was that exquisite and scrupulous fitting of the soundboard and iron plate was considered extremely important for final tonal quality.

Thank to the excellently delicate workmanship of its grand piano making better sound, most of all solo pianists were eagerly want to use it. Also, American major music schools, such as, Julliard, Oberlin, and Indiana university, are preferred to use it rather than to choose others. To maintain high quality of its piano, Steinway & Sons spent a huge amount of dollar procuring excellently fine wood. Moreover, it hired the high skilled labor throughout the production process. Most of them worked there over 15 years and their following generations did too. All Steinway?s pianos? sound was slightly different because of each its own distinct personality influenced by the guarding hands of its tone regulators. Steinway?s Concert and Artist Program offered a ?bank? of pianos for its artists sensitively full satisfied with their unique inclination by using it because...