Stem cell controversy

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Biotechnology is branch of technology which is concerned with the form of industrial production that uses micro-organisms and the biology processes. Meanwhile, we have to understand that the very subtle relationship between ethics, medical ethics and bioethics than to know them perfunctory. The ethics is means that the national, racial or even the tribal group has their common cultural tradition. The physician, however, to concern about the patient’s life and welfare is always sacrosanct which medical ethics is. By the way, the bioethics focuses on the people’s feelings, emotional, ethics even than morals.

We should acknowledge that when we allude the medicine and biotechnology, the ethics are being considered predominantly controversy. The reasons are because a lot of researches being abuses and there are plenty of new high technology being invented. In addition, this issues sometimes conflict with people understands of the sacredness of life for the human being. For instance, there was a feverish case on 2008, a patient who was suffering from the painful incurable disease in England.

As he was announcing for his last words and practice euthanasia, his whole journey was being broadcast directly by the media. After his death, many of the people even the country’s authority began to declare against the euthanasia. In fact, there are still against the law for doctor to consent euthanasia in many countries.

In my personal view, I think that there are some sorts of topic are currently tantalized in this field. For example, stem cells, cloning, organ harvesting, genetically modified-food, animals rights, the eugenics, on and on. On the other hand, I realize that I am rather concern about the notable success of the stem cells. I have read the “stem cell”. And I yearn the successful of stem cell is because the people dying are...