Stem Cell Research

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Abstract Stem cells are present in every human body. After 20 years of research much has been learned and promising progress has been made in stem cell research. Each stem cell possesses the ability to become any organ in the body. There are three types of stem cells, totipotent, pluripotent, and multipotent. This paper will explain how each type works in the body. We will also explore how stem cells can be used to help individuals with disease or injury that their own stem cells cannot repair. The stem cell therapies currently used in disease are: bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells, and umbilical cord stem cells. An explanation will be given of each therapy including what illnesses or diseases they can assist in treating. Those in the medical field believe that stem cells will be a contributing factor in winning the battle to cure disease and spinal cord injuries.

Stem cell research is a controversial topic that involves political, religious, and medical changes that will influence our futures. In order to make an informed opinion on this topic, all aspects of the benefits and risks need to be taken into account.

Stem Cell Research Of all the specialized cells that are responsible for building the human body, none are more extraordinary than stem cells. Stem cells are remarkable since they are the bridge between the fertilized egg and the human being that we become. Stem cells are responsible for building our bodies into adults and in replenishing worn, damaged, or diseased tissues as we age. Depending on the source, stem cells have the ability to form one, many, or all cell types of an organism.

Stem cell research has been active for over 20 years and has made possible large advances in our knowledge of haematopoiesis (the process of...