Stem Cell Research

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Religion or Death?

"It's estimated that 128 million Americans suffer from diseases and injuries that could be treated or cured with stem cell therapies." If that is not a statistic that American people should think twice about then I don't know what is. The question is why don't we use the cures to stop such diseases and injuries for our fellow Americans? We all know that disease will always be around us, and injuries will always be occurring, it's not a new concept. But the ability to stop many of these disease and injures is a new concept, and we have found out that the use of stem cell research can do just that. From the advanced amount of knowledge that we already know about stem cells, we can make an educated guess that the uses of them are unimaginable. Even though stem cell research may go against many people religious beliefs, I still strongly believe that America should embrace stem cell research because of its great job opportunity, reduction of health care costs, no new taxes being added, and it's enormous unknown curing capabilities.

The conflict between stem cell research and religion should not be a question if the laws of Democracy are still governing the American people. Not to say that religion is not a very important part of many Americans lives, but the reality is that we should not allow "religion" to slow the research of stem cells in America knowing that this is a democracy meaning "majority rules". The less than majority people who say no to the research, only on the grounds of their religious beliefs/backgrounds, should not be able to hinder the majority interest to further the experimentation of stem cell research in America. The majority of Americans, supporting stem cell research, need to...