Stem Cell Research Moral Debate. An ethical debate about stem cell research. Inlcudes both pros and cons of the issue, along with the view of the Catholic Church as well as a personal opinion.

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Stem Cell Research Moral Debate

Today stem cell research is a very controversial issue. Within the past few years people have been subject to the debates over stem cell research in the news, in books, and in magazines. But what exactly is stem cell research and how can it benefit the human race? What are the reasons that people are so against stem cell research? It seems that many people have taken a side on this issue. But, no matter what side you are on, you can not deny the facts. The fact is, although stem cell research with an embryonic stem cell does kill a human embryo, it provides us with the ability to do many things in science and cure many diseases. With this new technology of stem cell research we will be able to do many great things in the name of science.

Within the past few years, stem cell research has taken huge steps and new developments in medicine.

However, within the past few years, the debate on stem cell research has become more and more heated between supporters and opponents of this controversial research. It has become an ethical dilemma within these two groups. Is this research ethical? Is refraining from the research ethical?

There are many advocates of stem cell research. Many of these advocates include scientists, doctors, and people with illnesses. The people who do advocate stem cell research have good reason to do so. Stem cell research opens up many new possibilities in medical treatment and advancement. First, being that embryonic stem cells are blank cells, they can be transformed into any other type of cell. This means that doctor's can grow from scratch anything from heart muscle, to bone marrow, even brain tissue. Also new skin can be grown for burn...