Stem Cell Research Is A Pro

Essay by Rajuji March 2004

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Stem Cell Research is a Pro

Stem Cell Research is based on using the cells from embryonic stem cells that may or may not yet be in its fetus stage to grow human tissue, and it is also used to prevent or maybe even heal some diseases. Stem Cell Research can help in Parkinson's disease, growing heart muscle, to bone marrow, even brain tissue.

I fall upon the Pro of this issue because I believe that if scientists can use embryonic stem cells before the fetus stage, then I believe there should be no reason to disagree. It is ethically acceptable, even morally required to destroy a few human beings in order to possibly benefit millions of patients. Besides, these cells do not cause the same immuno-incompatibility problems after transplantation as do adult stem cells from different patients. Further, these early cells from human embryos and fetuses are MORE "totipotent"* and "pluripotent"* than adult stem cells , and therefore they can be "coaxed" to become more different kinds of tissues, and can last longer in culture waiting use.

Besides, these fetuses and left-over IVF- produced human embryos are going to die anyway, so we might as well get some good use of them.

There is a certain stage that I think should only be used in this research. Below is an image of the stages that take part during the growth of an embryo.

( stories/s226473.htm)

The third stage is called the "Blastocyst" which is the ring of cells in the centre and is a current source of stem cells. At this stage it is agreed to be a good stage to work on. However, the next stage is the fetus, and I myself disagree to do the research when it has reached this stage, because at this stage...