Stem Cells The Hope and The Hype

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Whether salvation is still 10 or 15 years away? After all, researchers have been injecting stem cells into paralyzed rats and watching their spinal cords mend. "Stem cells have already cured paralysis in animals," declared Christopher Reeve in a commercial he filmed a week before he died. With Research comes a cure but without funding proper research can not be done. Moving forward with research you also need a larger supply of fresh, healthy embryos than fertility clinics could ever provide.

In the Article that I read in Time magazine was about Stem cells: The Hope And The Hype. It was about a patient's hope has come to an end, there is nothing left for a physician to prescribe to that patient, no more medications. The only thing that a quadriplegic has left is hope. One who has hope they might think that a cure may be found, but it is when it will be found is what is the most important to them.

President George Bush has vetoed a bill that would of expanded funding for human embryonic stem cell research. This brought hope to a near end for some patients with Parkinson's disease that did not think that they could live through another year or two.

As with most things in life there is always controversy you have your supporters and you have opposers. The opposers argue that you can not take a life to save a life. The supporters argue that an eight cell embryo is not considered to be a human life when compared to a life that can be saved. Stem Cells have been used over time in adult stem cells to find cures in bone marrow and umbilical cords.

With the money taken away from the federal funding a University in Boston, Harvard decided...