Stem Cells Should Be Banned.

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As history has progressed, the sanctity of life has risen to an echelon never before seen. Monotheistic outlooks and teachings have caused the world to reach an understanding that every life is to be cherished. Where in ancient times people would be executed simply for speaking their minds, sentences of death are only sparingly handed out in today's world. With Americans holding life in such high regard, it is quite contradictory that many are also in favor of embryonic stem cell research. Stem cells, which are derived from several-day-old embryos, can become any type of human cell, thus theoretically curing many different ailments. While this seemingly has its potential advantages, the promise that the isolation of stem cells is thought to encompass does not allot for the fact that lives are inherently ended through this research. In this, I mean the destruction of an embryo is to be considered murderous and quite impious.

Although it appears that significant strides are being made with stem cell research, in essence society is taking a significant step backward with such disregard for the sanctity of life.

Understandably, the scientific community sees only the possible benefits of embryonic stem cell research, and hopes to find ways of using these cells to repair damaged tissue. In contrast, the government seemed to understand the importance of upholding the inviolability of life, and initially did not permit any government spending to be provided toward the field of stem cell research. Recognizing that debate continues as to whether the destruction of an embryo is the destruction of a human life, the government did not restrict private funding of this research, and instead determined that public funds would not be used for this purpose. Through these actions the government made it clear that it recognizes the illegitimacy...