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Stephen Akindona English 164.36 4T Gregory 4 November 2002 Gun Control There is a problem in our society that needs to be addressed it is on the issue of gun control. Gun violence in the past has claimed thousands of lives, and even though gun related deaths have declined, the issue still needs to be evaluated. The methods that we use now to control gun violence seem ineffective, because guns are too easy to obtain, they are easy to hide, and they are used inappropriately as a means of self-defense.

It seems anyone who wants a gun can have access to one. That is one of the most significant reasons why gun violence is out of control. People get guns just as easily as getting bread at the grocery store. There are really no laws prohibiting the ownership of a gun. All one has to do is get it registered.

The person who gets the gun can use it for anything, there are no regulations on what the person can use it for. People also carry guns illegally. It is also very easy for someone under age to obtain a gun and carry it around unregistered. The penalties for someone found with an illegal weapon are not stiff enough and the odds of getting caught are very low. All of theses things make it very easy to own a gun registered or unregistered.

Guns are also very easy to hide, making them even more dangerous. There are cases of people getting guns on planes, in schools, and churches every day. There is only Akindona 2 one thing that can explain how they do this guns are very easy to hide. Now gun manufactures are making guns even smaller and making it easy to conceal the deadly weapon. There are people who get guns for very good reasons. For example, some people get guns to hunt. Hunting is a recreational sport that requires the use of a gun. Some people also collect guns, and display. So there are good reasons for owning a gun, but the ownership of a gun for self-defense is ridiculous.

Self-defense is probably the number one reason why people get guns. Too many people have guns need because they feel protected. A gun is not the answer. There are many different ways to protect yourself without endangering the life of friends, family, and innocent bystanders. Most of the people who get guns claiming they need it for self-defense don't even know how to shoot it. That makes them a liability to the health and safety of the people around them. How many times have we heard stories of accidental child deaths because of improper gun control in the home. How many more people have to lose their life until some policies change.

Gun control is a very important issue that sometimes we as a society tend to overlook, but until there is a change people will continue to die at the hands of something that could have been prevented. Gun violence has declined in the past ten years but it is still claiming more lives than it should, and that is what we should be concerned about. It should matter that too many people are dying because of gun violence.