Stephen Fry Making History.

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Stephen Fry was born in 1957. His first written work "Mummy" was awarded the Sunnyvale Primary School Gold Star for Neatness in 1961.There followed years of neglect from the literary establishment until the Stout's Hill Preparatory School Senior Greek Prize of 1969. A play "Latin!" won the Edinburgh Fringe First Prize ten years later. Four years after this Fry wrote the script for the award winning musical "Me & My Girl". There followed some years of acting, "Fry & Laurie", "Blackadder", "Jeeves" and "Wooster", some plays, some films, some books and a brief visit to Bruges. Stephen divides his time between Norfolk and London and has established something of a reputation as a knowledgeable collector of late twentieth century parking tickets.

Plot 1: The plot is easier to describe after one understands the two most important sentences in this book. A: None of what follows ever happened. B: All of what follows is entirely true.

The story revolves around a young history student named Michael Young, Mike for short. He is in no way different from other students. He has a girlfriend, who works in a laboratory and with whom he always fights. He is looking forward to a PHD degree, an academic post and to publishing a few books on history. Including his history thesis with which he will start his, in his eyes already brilliant, career. His Meisterwerk as he likes to call his thesis is on Hitler's childhood and his life until he became Reichskanzler. He is very proud every time he mentions his thesis, which took four years to write. The story starts on the day, on which, Mike has to turn in his thesis. But his girlfriend left him on the same and took the car with her. Mike has to take the bicycle...