Stephen Hawking Movie Summary: biography of Stephen Hawking, his ideas and ideals

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Stephen Hawking was always known to be a bright child. Little did anyone know, however, that he would grow up to face a difficulty so rare, hardly anybody had heard of it, and one of the most famous scientists known today. Hawking had a normal childhood which consisted of activities children did in those days: weekends at the beach, reading books, and school. He came from an exceptional family, and reading at the dinner table was not a bad habit to be punished, but a good one that was welcomed warmly. He graduated high school and attended Oxford College, where he didn't do much work. Hawking seemed bored at Oxford and only completed about three fifths of the work assigned. He was brilliant, he could finish any homework or any test without even trying, so he didn't. Stephen was not proud of his laziness in the work department and, if it hadn't been for the illness that would soon infect him, he probably would not have become the great scientist he is today.

It wasn't only Stephen who was unhappy with his work effort, his teachers and headmaster were, too. At the end of the year they had a discussion about Stephen and if he should stay at Oxford. Hawking said that if they decided to mark him high, he would go to Cambridge University instead. Stephen Hawking ended up going to Cambridge, and not long after, was affected by an illness that would deteriorate all muscle until he would be living in a lifeless body; he would not be able to move at all, but his brain, lungs, and heart would still work. His research began to decline again; he did not think he was going to live long enough to find solutions to any of his research, so...