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Stephen King A short time after Stephen was born his father left the family. Leaving his wife to take care of Stephen and his brother. Growing up in Maine they lived a rather poor life. There were times that he and his family would have to go to their neighbors for a hot shower. Stephen had to walk to the next town for his grade school bus.

Stephen was not a popular kid growing up he never had many friends. When he reached high school he finally had true friends. While in high school he started working on the school newspaper.

Many nights he would lock himself in his room and write stories on his old typewriter. He started out by reading books and then making adaptations to the stories. When he started to write he did short stories. He submitted his articles to the school newspaper. He had his own column in every paper, and after a while became editor.

After high school he went onto college. He had to get two jobs just to pay for school with room and board. His mother sent him five dollars a week. Later he learned that she went hungry many times just to give him this money. He became the editor of the college paper while majoring in teaching. Stephen got married to his girl friend Tabitha and that complicated his financial issues. A little later he had a son. He graduated and went on to become a teacher.

He went to work as an English teacher at a High School. He became a favorite with the students for his unique way of teaching. He had to make a tough decision. If he would keep teaching and try to write at night. If he did that he would have no time for his family. The other option was to give up teaching and work solely on his novel.

The first novel he did caught the eye of a publisher but the company rejected it. He sent in another novel Carrie that was accepted and published. The novel Carrie he sent in earned him 1.5 million dollars. After that every novel he sent in was published.

Stephen works on one novel a year. The other time he spends at the office answering fan mail and taking care of some other things. His spare time is spent with his family and his band. He gives many presentations to schools and colleges. He is a big fan of Harley Davidson.