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I have chosen to research Stephen King, also known under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. I chose to do my paper on Stephen King because I find both his life and his novels fascinating. I grew up reading his books and watching his movies. I have always enjoyed reading science fiction and horror novels, and who better to read than the king himself.

I have read his first novel, Carrie, Skeleton Crew, a book of his short stories, Desperation, one of his newer novels, and The Regulators, published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.

Stephen King uses many of his personal life experiences to write his novels. Different elements of King's life can be found in novels such as Misery and Carrie.

Stephen Edwin King was born in 1947 in Portland, Maine (Barnes & Noble 1). His father, Donald King abandoned King and his older, adopted brother David when King was just a toddler, leaving King's mother, Nellie King to raise the children alone.

King's childhood was spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his father's relatives and in Stratford, Connecticut. He and his brother also frequently visited his mother's family in Malden, Massachusetts and Pownal, Maine. When King was eleven they settled down in Durham, Maine so his mother could care for her elderly parents. Family members provided money and a small house for them. His mother worked in the kitchen of a residential facility for the retarded.

After King's dad left, he was raised solely by his mother. Ironically it was his father that started King on the road to horror, when King found a box of his dad's old fantasy novels. King began writing as a child and sold some stories to a mystery magazine as a teen. Aside from writing he was also in a band and on his...