Steps To Applying Makeup

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Angela Zetouna

Professor Tyler Thompson

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30 September 2013

10 Easy Steps to Looking Effortlessly Flawless

Everyday I meet girls who do not wear makeup on an everyday basis, not even a dab of lipstick or a small coat of mascara. Some women say they do not have time to apply makeup in the early hours of the morning before work or school. Others claim they do not want to look too 'cakey' and just go with a natural face. More often than any other excuse I hear is that most women simply never learned the basics of applying makeup. In 10 easy steps I will teach you how to easily apply natural looking makeup without looking overdone.

Step One: To begin you must gather all the proper tools and products needed to apply makeup. There are many different makeup brands to purchase products from, they very in popularity and are highly rated cosmetic companies like MAC, Clinique, Maybelline, Urban Decay, Cover Girl, Revlon, Avon, and many more.

The tools you will need to have ready are concealer, liquid foundation, a brush for the foundation, loose or pressed powder which also requires a brush, bronzer, and a brush for the bronzer. Other tools that are necessary to have when applying makeup are eyeliner, mascara, blush, a blush brush, lipstick and lip liner. Warning: When purchasing your makeup, make sure to get the proper shade for your skin tone. When choosing a shade too dark, it will not look as natural as you may hope. Shades too light for you will also make you look too fair.

Step Two: Now it is time to apply the makeup. At this point you will administer concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. When choosing concealer one shade...